The 160th meter of America

The cultural attaché of the U.S. embassy has kindly invited us to receive one meter of America, which means CD-ROMs, books, dictionaries and magazines. Good material for our English lessons. Apart from a hearty thank-you we were asked to present a short report about our school. That's why our A-level course decided to write a poem something different. Very satisfied with the result three students of us together with the principal and an English teacher took their way to Berlin. They performed the poem and earned probably the most ovations. In order to give you the possibility to enjoy this report in the form of a rhyme we published it on our Internetpage.

Part 1
(performed by Maren Klöpfel)
Long, long time ago,
I can hardly remember,
The situation wasn't like it is now.
But it was in November
When a political change was going on,
And East and West Germany became one.

The former EOS was turned into a grammar school.
That's why it became more and more cool:
An extension took place in 1996
But that didn't work very fix,
Which means fast
But that's the past.

We had a hard fight
for our right.
Money was the missing link.
In the financial position there was a chink.
A film convinced the authorities.
They finally listened to the minorities.

The next event was the inauguration
But there was a complication.
Between two names we had to choose.
"Schinkel-Gymnasium" was bound to loose.
After the evaluation the result was clear
"Gymnasium auf den Seelower Höhen" is here.

Part 2
(performed by Andreas Grigat)
I go to school therefore I am
I'm not the only one there are 710 of them.
Learning would be pretty fun
If there were none
Of those annoying features,
We got 47 of them called teachers.

Including two buildings and a gym
Our school is biggest that can be found
In the area of Seelow and around.

We are open to everything and everyone
So we often send invitations
To international guests from Poland,
Lithuania, France and the U.S.
In order to improve our relations.

Actually we don't need no education
But nobody seems to be a fool
If he goes to school
Even during vacations
Coz there is a truth valid for me and for them
To attend our school is simply just awesome.

Part 3
(performed by Katrin Landesfeind)
Our school life is nice
We have won prize after prize,
We took part in all kinds of competition
So that's why we have a very good reputation.
We are successful in sports, maths and biology
As well as in Jugend forscht and geography.

Around are trees, bees and flowers
So we can concentrate for hours.
That helps to develop some great ideas, too
For example to celebrate nice parties
And loosing all woe.

Our lessons end with a ding-dong
And our school radio starts the break with a song.
Sometimes the music is too loud
But the crowd is proud.